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making events happen

Events require extensive planning and near perfect execution to pull off successfully. Aside from the obvious tasks, one needs to be able to forecast the less obvious pitfalls and have contingency plans. Glissemedia has had years planning and executing difficult outdoor and motor-sports events.

Whether it is a sports entertainment event, training, or competition, Glissemedia can manage everything from from planning and permitting, through execution and tear-down. We are available for complete event management or any component  including spectator and participant safety.


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  • clients & projects

    At Glissemedia we have worked with a number of organizations on specialized events and competitions:


    sky marathons



    Event Management

    Sky Marathons are a specialty high elevation running event conducted at elevations typically above 9,000' up to 14,100'. The courses traverse mountain roads and trails with the occasional rock scramble.

    Duties Included:

    • Permitting
    • Sanitary facilities
    • Operations and safety plans
    • Course setting & marking
    • Safety team management
    • Media coordination
    • Heli Ops coordination (safety and media)
    • Event clean up





    Mountain Safety Director

    The Snow Thrill was an event were teams of athletes and photographers used the extreme ski terrain around Haines, Alaska to collect images to be judged in competition. Duties Included:

    • Avalanche forecasting
    • Helicopter logistics
    • Guiding teams
    • Media interviews
    • Safety documentation



    2002 to 2004

    Lead judge for the first three Red Bull Rampage mountain bike free ride events. The Rampage is a extreme event with mountain bikers descending steep desert terrain, jump cliffs and performing tricks. Jim helped develop the judging criteria based on his experience in extreme skiing events and his involvement in the early days of mountain bike freeriding.

    adrenaline X


    Field Producer and Safety Officer for reality based snowboard and freestyle motocross competitions at Jackson Hole Wyoming, and Mesquite, Nevada. Duties included:

    • Permitting
    • Stunt feature construction
    • Project safety
    • Athlete safety
    • Field production and logistics


    big air on elk


    Consulted with the Town of Crested Butte, Colorado on event safety for a tow-in ski and snowboard freestyle event held on one of the main streets. Areas consulted on included:

    • Event location
    • Spectator safety
    • Participant safety
    • Crew safety
    • Media safety
    • Emergency medical planning and response


    semper ride

    2009 to 2015

    Helped coordinate multiple "Semper Ride" motorcycle safety training events. Duties included:

    • Event registration
    • Event safety
    • Quality control
    • Media coordination & generation
    • VIP relations
    • Post event surveys
    • Participant research


event management

Event management requires great attention to detail, timing, and sometimes adapting to changes quickly. Glissemedia has organized or been involved with a number of events in the mountains and outdoor venues (including race tracks) at multiple levels. We can provide management services from start to finish that cover planning, route marking, event safety, event execution, media coordination, aviation logistics, food service coordination, and clean-up.


event planning

Glissemedia is experienced at handling pre-event planning from permitting to to course setting and everything in between. We are experts at procuring fencing, catering, lodging, parking, and security. Just need an event safety plan or operations plan, we do that too.


spectator safety

Adrenaline sports events can often present risk not only to the participants, but also the spectators. We use our diverse backgound and experience in action and motorsports to provide practical and effective solutions to your spectator safety needs.


participant safety

Competitors in action sports competition face a variety of hazards. Our experience in both action and motor sports, and with the athletes allows us to reduce the risk venues can present and communicate those risks effectively to competitors;


event logistics

Glissemedia has experience in a number of action, mountain, and motorsport events; both summer and winter. From planning, to execution, to tear down, we can maange the various interconnected facets of your competitions logistical needs.


aviation coordination

Jim Conway has over 25 years of dealing with helicopter and fixed wing operations in competetive events, film making and mountain construction. Glissemedia can help effectively organize air assets to meet your organizations needs.


event media

At Glissemedia we can produce event coverage in-house from preproduction, to production, to post in a cost effective manner. We can also help coordinate larger media houses so they get the documentation they need with minimal effect to the competition organizers and competitors.




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