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changing high risk behaviors

We design safety campaigns for risky endeavors. We take an inside out approach by getting to know the culture behind the problem. We then develop win-win programs that give the participants what they want, while at the same time making them better and safer at what they do.

Our campaigns begin with a strong awareness component and progress through basic and advanced training. We coordinate all

media and physical training into one integrated program.

institutional safety consulting

broad awareness programs

essential basic training

targeted advanced training

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institutional safety consulting

Glissemedia specializes in analyzing risk management culture in organizations that deal in high risk. Using an organic approach we look at everything from top to bottom that influences an organizations safety culture. We also look at the social environment that surrounds and affects that culture. Then we help management or command come up with solutions that really speaks to the organizations needs.


broad awareness programs

The basis of any risk management program is awareness and reach the most people. Awareness programs that deal with risk takers need to fulfill a number of objectives. First, the program must instill a desire for the target audience to want to adopt risk management methodologies. Second the program must give information on how to reduce risk now. And finally the program must provide a path forward for team members to evolve as their careers and the organization move forward.


essential basic training

We can help source a number of training assets from live courses, to video, to web based interactive. Vetting these training providers to ensure your team will relate to them and view them as a credible source is key to this resources success.


targeted advanced training

Advanced training provides an ongoing skill and judgment based training resource to crews that regularly deal with risk. When done properly they are part of what can positively change an organizations safety culture.


campaign media

Glissemedia can produce a number of media solutions to meet an organizations safety needs. From inspirational awareness videos, to detailed advanced training resources we can design a package to meet your organizations needs. From stand alone videos, to videos that accompany live presenter, to static and interactive web content, we can meet your messaging needs.


physical training management

We can source, contract, and manage physical training assets from vetted providers. We can provide everything from registration to site logistics to after action reporting.



  • campaign resume

    Part of any successful campaign is understanding the target audience, and the range of tools available to communicate the desired message. We have experience in variety of methods to communicate campaign messages:

    • Hi Def Videos
    • PSAs
    • Web and social media presence
    • Live events (large and small)
    • Never Ever clinics
    • Standard basic training
    • Vetted advanced training

    case study 1

    In 2008 the USMC was facing unacceptable Marine  losses due to off duty motorcycle mishaps. The Jim Conway was asked to investigate possible solutions to this problem. After extensive, on the ground research with Marine riders across the country, TSG recommended a series of actions that resulted in the development of the Semper Ride motorcycle safety campaign.


    This program has involved Movies, PSAs, video tutorials, a website, numerous awareness events, and more recently, vetted advanced training clinics provide by Americas top motorcycle schools.


    Since it's inception, annual fatalities have fallen 40% since the peak fatality year of 2008.

    case study 2

    The DOD wanted a cross branch motorcycle safety campaign to service all branches of service. Glissemedia working in conjunction with Tilton Safety Group worked with all five branches to develop a branded series of PSAs with a supporting social media structure. The program also surveyed participants fort he programs efficacy.


    By using realistic scenarios from both service members careers and lifestyles, matched with motorcycle racing and street riding, TSG was able to creatively communicate riding safety messages that spoke to all riders, regardless of their service branch.


    By using their extensive industry contacts, TSG was able to bring some of America's top motorcycle talent to contribute.



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